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"A " Litter VJP - PTC tests (2008):

Coming up ! next September or October, "A" litters will participate in their first VJP / PTC tests.

Lista de perros participantes en las pruebas VJP - PTC Octubre 2008
Resultados pruebas VJP 11 de Octubre 2008
Resultados pruebas VJP 10 Octubre 2008

Note: Ascan is listed as participant dog in the tests, but then he is not listed in the results. This is becouse he suffered an accident and was no able to participate in the tests.

Next Litter is expected for November 28th 2008, will be brothers of Alexa and Birko first litter, which means, dogs who have participated in the Ability Tests organized by the CDDA in October 2008 wining First and Second places in the competition.