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Deutsch Drahthaar Testing Program (CDDA)

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HZP or PTI will be conducted in May 2009 - Participants dogs must pass these test in order to be a breeder, its not a competition. From these tests will come the best breeder of the year..

In Argentina, the Deutsch Drahthaar Argentain Club is in charge of conducting the test. Here you will see a brefing about the steps which are involved in the Testing program.

Testing Programs

The Ability Test aim is to evaluate inherited ability of the dog, specially in young dogs, to test its actitute and its future as a hunting dog and or as a breeder. The porpuose of these tests is to evaluate the performance of each Deutsch Drahthaar, it is not a competition or to measure the superiority of one dog over another. If the dog will be a breeder its important that all brothers have high performance in the test results.

One of the most important ability of the dog is its works after the shooting, so the HZP test is a comprehensive evaluation of the dog's performance. Obedience is emphasized in the HZP Test, however, judges will also evaluate all natural ability which guarantee good breeders.

- Field Ability Test: is designed to evaluate the young Drahthaar's inherited abilities in 5 different categories (pointing, nose, tracking, search, and cooperation).

- Water Ability Test: is designed to evaluate the young Drahthaar's inherited abilities in 7 different categories (zig zac search behind a duck, zig zac search in the breed without a duck, deep water lost search, nose, bring from the water, cooperation, obedience)

- Whole Ability Test: includes the others two tests described above plus 3 more issues (field lost search, bring from hear, obedience)

Results from the previous tests, degrees, photos.


Test are conducted by the Deutsch Drahthaar Argentain Club (CDDA).

There are 3 different Ability Tests:

1.- Field Ability - (VJP)
2.- Water Ability -
3.- Whole Ability test - (HZP)

In the Field (VJP) or Water ability test, only young dogs can participate, dogs with more than 20 months are not aloowed. Dogs should have borned the year before of the test or exceptionally the same year.
In the Whole ability test, can participate dogs well trained, which normally has passed the test mentioned above. If the dog is younger than 15 months can not participate.

Each Dog Groups will have 3 judges, in the Field or Water ability test the group can have 5 dogs, and 4 dogs in the whole test.

Dogs must show its pedigree and valid vaccination certification to be allowed in the testing programs.

The name of the owner, name of the dog trainer and personal dog data accoridng to its pedrigee are neccesary to participate in the program.

Nobody can represent more than 2 dogs in a talent test.


Qualifications according to the data shown below:

Qualification Points Abbreviation
Excellent 12 E
Very good 11 - 9 V.G.
Good 8 - 6 G
Fairly good 5 - 3 F.G.
Deficient 2 - 1 I
Insufficient 0 I
Not examined - -