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Training Services - Deutsch Drahthaar

We offer an Integral Training Service, and its conducted from 4 to 6 months. This kind of training is the most complete training for a hunting dogs.

The Integral Training includes:
- The basic training (sit, down, junto, etc)
- Whistle obedience.
- Dog Accommodation, food, walks.

At the end of the training, the dog is able to hunt: duck, dove - pigeon, hare, partridge.
(It is not included vet cares)

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September 2005, Sebastian traveled to Ohio - United States to participate in an International competition: the 5th International Armbruster Zuchtprüfung, He participated with two of his trained dogs. We share with you the ranking list.

Weekend Magazine in Argentina: This magazine interview the owner of the Deutsch Drahthaar breeder, read about this article about training this breed - November 2011 (its in spanish :-( )