deutsch drahthaar breeder

Cacique Field - Deutsch Drahthaar Kennel/breeder

Our property is sourrended by forest, fileds and water, the perfect enviroment for the Deutsch Drahthaar development, in our location dogs have all they need.

We run a small operation, to make sure we fullfil our aims, and at the same time to give personalized attention to all of our puppies in the way we are used to do it. I'm interested in producing quality, not quantity.

Cacique Field is a registered Deutsch Drahthaar kennel (N° 25257) with the FCA (Federacion Cinologica Argentina).

Cacique Field focus on producing a DD with its naturals desire to hunt different fur, feather in land or water, and which temperament is siutable for the whole family.

At the moment a puppy is leaving from our kennel, she or he is wormed, and has the first inmunization and checked by a vet ( the tattoo in its right ear should be done around 7th month of life, once the ear reach its adult size)

Parents have succesfuly met all the standards, requiered by the Deutsch Drahthaar Breed Organization, for the breeding purpose. The standards includes: coat conformation, field performance, gun sensivity evaluation in field and water, teeth evaluation, wip evaluation. Breeding Deutsch Drahthaars must pass either a Spring Natural Ability Test (VJP) or Fall Breed Test (HZP).

This Testing Program assures the hunter that a puppy produced under this system will perform in the field under its natural hunting conditions (It is important to mention that the owner should get the puppy at young age to the field and give the puppy specific training, a dog kept in a house is just like another dog). If the dog is able for breeding, all the data and records are sent from the Argentain DD Club to the German DD Club, and the dog is registered on the breeding dog books. In this way, we assure that the DD breed is 100% pure.

We own Alexa and we have choosen Birko as her boyfriend, Alexa leaves in with us in the house (with a baby and a little girl). Both dogs were the best dog of 2004 and 2006.

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